Estrella & Tupete, Attorneys at law is dedicated to offer diversified legal services in accordance with the highest quality standards. Begun its operations on June 2, 2001, in the city of Santiago, and subsequent established another practices in the cities of Santo Domingo and Punta Cana to meet the growing demand of the national and international market.

The only law firm in the Dominican Republic with ISO 9001: 2008, certification of International Standards of Process Quality. Its main objective is the pursuit of excellence through the continuous improvement made to its system, which has allowed to standardize, innovate, and expedite its internal processes.

The law practice, is based on the personalized attention that its lawyers offer to the clients. The multidisciplinary team, stands out for the commitment, efficiency and action attached to ethical and professional values; Providing solutions that favor the bidirectional success alongside with the clientsThe social role, promotes actions for the benefit of employees, clients and community, based on responsible business practice, diversity and inclusion, community commitment and environmental sustainability.

Estrella & Tupete, Attorneys at law believes in the value of making a difference, exercising with integrity and transparency. The Firm has been honored with important national recognition, a result of the seriousness and responsibility with which it has assumed its leadership. Part of the distinctions are: "Most Admired Law Firm" and "Best Company to Work for" in 2015 and 2016.


To preserve the interests and comply with the requirements of our clients, through diversified legal assessment and management, as well as distinguish us by the integrity, agility and excellence in the different scopes of Law 


To be leaders in the national legal market, consolidating ourselves as an avant-garde and qualified Firm, which generates value for the excellence in its operations and the benefits of its services, promoting personal development and teamwork.
As an institution occupied and concerned about its human resource, it has as its goal the promotion and continuous development of values, which as individuals and professionals must exhibit, in order to achieve significant achievements at individual or group level through a decent and coherent to the occupational task that we have developed. Integrity, teamwork, confidentiality, good image and preparedness are part of the human potential that each member of Estrella & Tupete, Attorneys at law, has in each one of the interventions that he / she performs.
Undoubtedly, we all live the vertiginous changes that are experienced in the present times, apparently the world is in a hurry. Faced with this reality, our response is aimed at tuning in a consistent way the rhythm of the world and the circumstances that surround us. With boldness and ability we set goals and achieve them, in order to go up the arduous steps of the market. We are able to face and solve the problems that are presented to us in an effective way. All the people that make up our team are identified with the values of the institution and together we form the valuable team of Estrella & Tupete, Attorneys at law.

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