E&T Foundation

With a clear vision on the role of companies at present, the Firm develops and supports, from its beginnings, initiatives of social welfare to the benefit of diverse segments of the society.

Respect and ethical behavior as the axis of its actions, as well as a deep sensitivity towards society and its members, led Estrella & Tupete, Attorneys at law in 2013 to formalize their work of Social Responsibility, creating the E&T Foundation, whose objective Is to offer social, medical and economic assistance to the most needy, to provide scholarships and financial aid to children, adolescents and adults with limited resources, to develop policies for community improvement, to promote programs and policies for the study of gender and the eradication of family violence, develop projects that protect the environment and natural resources, as well as build and develop real estate and housing projects for the benefit of the most disadvantaged.

The E&T Foundation's commitment is made through the development of activities and support for social welfare actions carried out by the Foundation or channeled through collaboration with organizations linked to its mission.