The Firm

The recognition of a Law firm is an aspect that cannot be improvised, as it is created through the impeccable trajectory of highly qualified professionals who works with dedication, passion and integrity. In Estrella & Tupete, Attorneys at law our greatest achievement, besides corporate improvements, has consisted in obtaining the trust and satisfaction of our initial clients and those who have integrated over the time.  Our biggest commitment is to offer the best legal service and counseling, according to our client’s requirements and needs, by adopting and developing new legal strategies that ensure the success, without violating the ethical principles.

Practice areas

Environmental law

The environmental and natural recourses constitute rights that may be preserved through their sustainable usage, that’s why the Firm offers environmental impact evaluations, lodging of complaining, registration of projects and supervision for the compliment of the General Law of Environmental and Natural Resources, Law no. 64-00, representation in administrative processes, obtaining permissions and environmental authorizations, technical assistance, supervision and structuring of projects.

Foreign investment

The Firm´s structure responds to the interests of foreign enterprises who wish to invest in the Dominican Republic. For such purposes, Estrella & Tupete, Attorneys at law meets the requirements of the International Organization for Standardization ISO 9001:2008, with the purpose of offering the trust to its clients that their legal procedures rests in a legal team who adapts their processes to international standards.

Civil law

In order to preserve the compliance of the bases of the civil law, inspired by protecting the interests of the subject at the level of patrimonial and moral, whether public or private, the Firm offers representation services. Likewise, Estrella & Tupete, Attorneys at law offers legal advisory regarding contentious processes, inheritance, marriages, compulsory collections, specialized counseling, prevention of violations of the applicable laws, litigation, contracts, adoptions and donations, among others.

Administrative law

The Firm provides its services regarding administrative contentious actions, concessions, obtaining of licenses, permits and authorizations, patrimonial responsibility of the State, processes of public tender, handling of operations of state organs and drafting of contracts between private and public entities.

Banking law

Estrella & Tupete, Attorneys at law has an important banking portfolio which request legal advice regarding the loans, conflict resolutions, certifications, financing, convertible bonus, abusive clauses, counseling and complains due to banking malpractice, financial permutes and legal assistance for acquisitions. The clients value the expertise of the Firm´s professionals in which respects to banking normative and their knowledge regarding the way the financial institutions operates.

Real state law

Estrella & Tupete, Attorneys at law, since its real estate unit, advices and represent clients in the development of tourist projects, housing, commercial and industrial, development and implementation of real estate and guarantee contracts, agro-industry and forestry projects, credit operations, tax planning in real estate projects, development of condominiums, licensing and permissions, lease agreements, litigious processes, administration of properties, and properties portfolios. 

Corporate and commercial law

Estrella & Tupete, Attorneys at law offers legal solutions to its clients through all the process that may carry a corporate development. Provides solutions as the company establishment, establishment of subsidiaries of foreign companies, fusions and acquisitions, reorganizations, legal assistance and representation in contests processes and restructuring, dissolutions and liquidation of companies, specialized legal counseling, shareholder’s agreements, share exchanges, dissolution of corporate and commercial entities, and due diligence. 

Consumption law

The services provided cover the representation of the client through litigious processes and before government institutions as the National Institute for the Protection of Consumer Rights, specialized consulting, prevention of violations of Law 358-05 (General Standard for the Protection of Consumer or User Rights), Conducting investigative processes, transaction analysis in order to avoid anticompetitive practices, also design of legal strategies.