One of the main characteristics that define Estrella & Tupete, Abogados is its diversified structure, the reality that takes this prestigious Firm to count with specialized professionals in the different areas of Law, with the purpose of being able to assist its clients in any requirement.

Administrative law

The Firm provides its services regarding administrative contentious actions, concessions, obtaining licenses, permits and authorizations, patrimonial responsibility of the State, processes of public tender, handling of operations of state organs, and drafting of contracts between private and public entities.

Banking law

Estrella & Tupete, Abogados has an important banking portfolio that requests legal advice regarding the loans, conflict resolutions, certifications, financing, convertible bonus, abusive clauses, counseling, and complaints due to banking malpractice, financial permutes and legal assistance for acquisitions. The clients value the expertise of the Firm´s professionals in which respect to banking normative and their knowledge regarding the way the financial institutions operate.

Civil law

In order to preserve the compliance of the bases of the civil law, inspired by protecting the interests of the subject at the level of patrimonial and moral, whether public or private, the Firm offers representation services. Likewise, Estrella & Tupete, Abogados offers legal advisory regarding contentious processes, inheritance, marriages, compulsory collections, specialized counseling, prevention of violations of the applicable laws, litigation, contracts, adoptions, and donations, among others.

Corporate and commercial law

Estrella & Tupete, Abogados offers legal solutions to its clients through all the process that may carry a corporate development. Provide solutions as the company establishment, establishment of subsidiaries of foreign companies, fusions and acquisitions, reorganizations, legal assistance and representation in contests processes and restructuring, dissolutions and liquidation of companies, specialized legal counseling, shareholder’s agreements, share exchanges, dissolution of corporate and commercial entities, and due diligence. 

Constitutional law

In defense of the constitutional interests of its clients, based on the legislative tools contemplated in the legal text that serves as a basis for this legal matter: The Constitution, the Firm advises on the analysis of legislative texts, litigation, instrumentation, Constitutionality and convention, the actions for Amparo, habeas corpus and habeas data, direct and diffuse constitutionality before the courts, constitutional block, drafting of agreements.

Consumption law

The services provided cover the representation of the client through litigious processes and before government institutions as the National Institute for the Protection of Consumer Rights, specialized consulting, prevention of violations of Law 358-05 about General Standard for the Protection of Consumer or User Rights, conducting investigative processes, transaction analysis in order to avoid anti-competitive practices, also the design of legal strategies.

Intellectual and industrial property law

The Firm specializes in investigations of intellectual frauds, conflict resolutions, sanitary registration, franchise’s, trademark and distinctive signs, protection for commercial secrets, renewal of records, contract redaction, management of copyrighted property portfolios, the business structure of exploitation of protected goods and participation in criminal proceedings related to the defense of rights of this nature.

Telecommunications law

In Estrella & Tupete, Abogados we have experience recognized by the national and international market players, regarding specialized consulting, interconnection, representation of the client in litigation processes, alternative dispute resolution, fraud, unfair competition, transactions and competent conflicts within the legal framework given by Law No.153-98 on Telecommunications, its implementing regulations and the current regulations issued by the Dominican Institute of Telecommunications (INDOTEL).

Evironmental law

The environmental and natural recourses constitute rights that may be preserved through their sustainable usage, that’s why our Firm offers environmental impact evaluations, lodging of complaining, registration of projects and supervision for the compliment of the General Law of Environmental and Natural Resources, number 64-00, representation in administrative processes, obtaining permissions and environmental authorizations, technical assistance, supervision and structuring of projects. 

Real state

Estrella & Tupete, Abogados, since its real estate unit, advise and represent clients in the development of tourist projects, housing, commercial and industrial, development and implementation of real estate and guarantee contracts, agro-industry and forestry projects, credit operations, tax planning in real estate projects, development of condominiums, licensing and permissions, lease agreements, litigious processes, administration of properties, and properties portfolios. 

Energy and natural resources

Estrella & Tupete, Abogados serves clients in the energy sector in terms of obtaining permits, structuring projects, and ensuring compliance with applicable internal and external regulations. The Firm is responsible for ensuring the suitability of its client's projects, comply with positive state requirements, and attend by the jurisdictional and institutional bodies when it is mandatory. 

Foreign investment

The Firm structure responds to the interests of foreign enterprises who wish to invest in the Dominican Republic. For such purposes, Estrella & Tupete, Abogados meets the requirements of the International Organization for Standardization ISO 9001:2015, with the purpose of offering the trust to its clients that their legal procedures rest in a legal team who adapts their processes to international quality standards.

International business

The Firm maintains its services in line with the current needs, which respects the management and development of international business. Offers contract redaction of agency, distribution, commercial concession, international construction, commercial franchise, industrial licensing and software sales; treatment of intellectual rights, foreign investment, joint ventures, dispute resolutions, international arbitration, and representation in national and international forums. 


Conscious of the neuralgic nature that holds the regulation of the international transit of persons, even more in a state like the Dominican, characterized for its particulars boundaries and geographic limits. The Firm guides its clients during the process of obtaining the permissions, passports, or visas, also, offers services for the regulation of people in transit, and other matters related to the migratory field.

Criminal law

Criminal law, also called “the sanctioning law”, in occasions, results in benefits for the client, being the only way to guaranteeing its rights. Estrella & Tupete, Abogados responds in an effective way to its client’s needs. The Firm offers, through its criminal law unit, the redactions of pleadings, representation in litigious processes, alternative conflict resolution, legal case tracking, specialized advice and consultancy, design of legal strategies, and investigations.

Labor law

Estrella & Tupete, Abogados has a labor law unit that is responsible for any labor law managements and operations, both from the perspective of the employer and the employee. Part of the service provided comprises, the calculation of employment benefits, audits, training, client representation in the contentious process, and before the state authorities, supervision of processes, a guarantee of compliance with the legal norms, advice, and representation.

Regulatory law

Acting in strict adherence to legal and ethical standards, Estrella & Tupete, Abogados reach a balance between benefits and regulation, in order to benefit the clients with commercial advantages in their transactions and contracting, are these public or private. The Firm offers assistance in negotiations, contract elaboration, representation in contentious processes, constitutionality analysis, design of legal strategies, asset management, and project structuring. 


Estrella & Tupete, Abogados offer services in favor of tourist projects, obtaining the corresponding regulatory authorizations, as environmental licenses, tourist and municipal, and, of course, the tax exemptions which provide the Law 158-01 and others legal instruments. Similarly, it contributes to the tourist development of the country by the structuring of projects, evaluation of investments, environmental impact, representation in contentious processes, specialized consulting, and financing.

Maritime law

The geographical location of the Dominican Republic makes it a strategic point to the exercise of maritime and naval law, therefore, the Firm offers services that make it possible to obtain maritime insurance, also offer specialized consultancy, representation in litigious disputes, drafting of diverse contracts such as Charter, naval mortgages, civil liability of the carrier and the consignee, bills of lading and damage to the cargo.


With the purpose of protecting the rights of its clients, when they are threatened by non-compliance with legal obligations, Estrella & Tupete, Abogados offers its legal services in negotiation, conciliation, friendly mediation, transactions, and national and international arbitration, operating within the different scenarios that may be configured for and alternative dispute resolution. 

Free zones

Estrella & Tupete, Abogados has professionals who guide clients in processes related to the establishment, structuring, and follow up of free zones for exportation, specials free zones, and also industrial parks. Likewise, offer legal advice trough specialized consultations, assessments of compliance with the applicable legal dispositions, and client representation during the process of incorporating companies in accordance with their commercial objectives.

Tax law

In the Firm we effectively guide clients in corporate and non-profit association tax issues, real estate acquisitions, joint ventures, financing, asset transactions, business restructuring in the face of the new challenges of the tax environment, tax planning and resolution of legal controversies in administrative and judicial tax matters.